Celebrate Curiosity!

When my kids were still little, we lived up on a mountaintop where the wind could blow over one hundred miles per hour! Here they are wind surfing on the deck. On those nights, it was pretty hard to fall asleep with all of the excitement of the wind. We camped out on the floor in the back room where we felt safer tucked into the side of the mountain. The idea for the book. “It’s Only the Wind” grew from those sleepless nights.

Here is a page from the first dummy created years ago. The book went through many stages of acceptance, getting published, but not published, and utter limbo until finally…through the right timing, perseverance and luck…

it evolved into a real book…scheduled for release October 2017!

Here you can see a sneak preview and the evolution of ideas leading to this first double spread where the kids leap right out of bed into the adventure of the wind.

Celebrate curiosity and wild imagination. Embrace the unknown. Trust that Mama knows the answers, and that Mother Nature has a plan. Remember the playfulness of childhood and honor the wisdom that comes with time.Pre-order the book at Amazon, It’s Only the Wind

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