Princess Alyeska; Alaska’s Sleeping Beauty

New Release, Fall 2013
Alaska’s Sleeping Beauty

© 2013 Mindy Dwyer
Sasquatch Books
written and illustrated by Mindy Dwyer

Alyeska is an archaic spelling of the word Alaska meaning “mainland”  or “great land”.  In loose translation, “that which the seas break against” or “next to the sea.” She is a princess born to the king and queen of King Salmon Fisheries. The story begins, “Once upon a different time, far in the north, days were long and years took forever. King Salmon Fishery sat at the mouth of a great river swallowing up salmon without a single net.”

See the preliminary sketch below of the princess. Check back for progress on the illustrations and a date is set for release.

I will make a trip to Alaska in October, 2013 – hope to see you there!

Princess Alyeska
Before and after pics of the princess of King Salmon Fisheries
Alaska's Sleeping BeautySleeping
Princess Alyeska
Sleeping Beauty of Alaska

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