The Gift of Art

Alaskan art students send northern lights love

Gift of art created by students of Ravenwood Elementary School in Eagle River, Alaska

Colorful beads strung on copper wire dance across a painted wood sculpture adding the right amount of sparkle and magic — the sparkle and magic being an important part of the northern lights experience.

Students of Ravenwood Elementary  painted ordinary wooden paint sticks with acrylic paint under the guidance of their brilliant art teacher. Once assembled into a rolling staircase shape, silver paint was applied by using a cardboard stencil to create movement with waving shimmering highlights.

They are sending this gift of art from Eagle River, Alaska to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut  along with a copy of my book,  Aurora, A Tale of The Northern Lights.

“We chose the theme of the northern lights because it makes people feel good when they see it and it looks like dancing spirits,” said a PTA board member and parent involved in the project. She sent photos of the work in progress as the students painted the wooden sticks. It was just great to get the email. When I lived in Alaska I spent many hours as an Artist-in-the-School working with students on art projects to inspire them to write their own stories.

The students hoped that the book and the art would bring a little “northern lights” feeling of love from Alaska to the staff and students of Sandy Hook.

Thank you, students of Ravenwood for your generous creativity and for including my book in your gift to Sandy Hook Elementary. I am honored.