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Golden Books

75th Anniversary of Little Golden Books! As a child I was dazzled by the gold foil spine on the little hard cover books that fit just right in your hands. What I didn’t know was that this was only part of the legacy of Little Golden Books. Back in 1942 the company produced quality picture […]

What’s Cookin’

I am working on the 2nd Edition of “Tastes Like Home”, a collection of recipes from my family and friends, just in time for Christmas. The project began so my kids could have a place to find an old favorite recipe like Grama’s Funnel Cakes — does anybody make those anymore (?) or Donora Pirogies.  […]

Love These Books!

Second Wind, Kind of a Trippy Love Story by Matt McConville, sequel to It’s Just the Wind, Kind of a Sailing Story is available! I designed both covers using watercolor and digital painting. See back cover below, read about my friend Matt, click the link to buy and please, let me know what you think. […]

Crankie Paint Job

The unfinished wooden crankie box made its first debut but it needed a paint job. I had an idea… First I painted the box with random patterns of color. Then began to paint black over the colors to reveal my design. Here is the finished paint job with curtain up. Curtain down. The new box […]

A Crankie?

You are in for a real treat if you do not know about Crankies. I ordered a traveling Crankie from Louis Leger and took it to Alaska City Folk Arts Camp in Anchorage to make Crankies with young artists and musicians. They are a type of moving panorama, a story put to song, an old […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

All moms should instill a sense of magic and wonder in their children generation after generation! I know what magic looks like. Thanks, Mom! “I know what magic looks like. You see that magic and you want to be part of it again and again,” comes from our friend, Bill Dentzel, fifth generation carousel maker.  […]