I’ve enjoyed writing and illustrating children’s books but I’ve turned my focus to hands-on craft; printmaking, drawing, and painting. Merging my love of art and music, I have created a series of hand-cranked illustrated scrolls set to music, also known as “crankies.” 

I grew up in the wooded hills of a southwest Pennsylvania river valley in a family of contradictions. Art school taught me a variety of skills but it was a trip to Mexico that changed everything for me as an artist.  I fell in love with pure sun-drenched color and unabashed decorative pattern. Upon my return I enrolled in the University of Colorado to study fine arts.

As a mom I have lived a bit of a gypsy lifestyle, from Washington, to Oregon, Alaska, and the Catskills of New York.  Now as a grandma, I live with my family back in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by music and fir trees in our hand-built cedar gingerbread house.  I still believe the message found in fairytales – to uncover the treasures that lie within us and that we are put on this earth to partake in adventure.