Alaska’s Three Pigs

written by Arlene LaVerde, illustrated by Mindy Dwyer

Alaska's Three Pigs

Also available as a board book!

Alaska’s Three Pigs is the classic children’s fairy tale of the three little pigs transplanted to Alaska in this superbly illustrated (Mindy Dwyer), engaging story by Arlene Laverde. After playing under the Midnight Sun, it’s time to get busy and build safe homes for the winter. The first and second little pigs are creative, but it’s the third hardworking little pig who uses solid glacier ice a good thing when a hungry grizzly bear is awakened! Ideal for young readers ages 5 to 8, Alaska’s Three Pigs is enhanced with Alaskan details that enhance the charm and novelty of this truly splendid picture book.  Featuring the classic story of those irresistible little pigs–retold Alaskan-style, as the pigs camp, fish, ski, and build  on the Last Frontier! This delightful take on the original is full of Alaska details and is sure to charm readers of all ages. Dwyer hasn’t given up on her amazing compositions and this time she reveals a penchant for wicked visual puns! 

 -Dan Hays, Statesman Journal, Salem, OR

Alaska's Three Pigs