comic relief

What makes us laugh?

Finding humor in the everyday, bringing out the why of comedy keeps us light-of-heart

and gives us comic relief. The collage-style images were taken from a hand-bound book.

what makes us laugh

What is wrong with you? The more you try to NOT laugh, the funnier it is!

Somehow instead of tears, a laugh bubbled up…and its all over!

What I’m talking about is next level.

It’s where you find humor everywhere.

Tragic humor, sick humor, incorrect humor.

It is there.

Sometimes the Google is not such a good idea…

Why am I laughing as I read this? I’d better take the quiz.

I was raised to not make fun of people, or was I?

When you laugh or cry in situations that others don’t see as funny or sad.

Inappropriate laughter is part of an anxiety wheel, or a domino effect.

Your body is trying to calm you down – it’s a natural response.

Tears from laughter or joy look like water beads on a waxed car.

Tears from sadness look like an aerial view of farmland.

When you cry from onions, the tears look like ferns.

Basal tears, or the ones that continually lubricate your eyes look like geology.

Crocodiles DO cry, but not because they are sad. They cry all the time.

Did your mom ever say that you were crying crocodile tears, ‘cuz she thought you were faking it?

A juxtaposition of in-congruent objects…

Expectations have been violated.

comic relief

A norm is breached, but it is benign.

Triggered by





*explosive laughter

People struggle with words to describe sounds so they create sounds to communicate.

It works!

Mimicry helps handle uncomfortable situations.

Male speakers elicit more laughter.

Who does these studies?

Which is the exact opposite of fight or flight (heightened adrenaline stress levels.)

(Remember, speaker is more likely to laugh than listener.)