Layers of Colors

I love color and I love to paint – white walls are like primed canvases ready to take color. Just give me a good angled cut brush.

My second job ever was on a crew of house painters. We were two men, two women. We got the job done but the women of the household appreciated us girls taking the time to put down the drop cloth, wipe up any little splatters and take extra care in their homes. I became a pretty neat painter.

Today, as I painted the pink over aqua, I thought of my mom allowing us to paint our bedrooms any color we wanted. My sisters chose red, white and blue because that was just cool then. I chose avocado green for the walls and bright yellow furniture to match my pop art daisy comforter. “It’s just paint,” my mom said as we beamed with the freedom of our creativity. I also thought how this very room had once housed my oldest son, and then my daughter and even my youngest son at one point in the house’s life, and now it was being painted pink for my granddaughter. The doors are accents in lavender and sky blue. I’ve got the first coats on and can now see the wood trim painted in bright glossy white like icing on this candy colored room. Oh, the stories the bones of this house could tell through layers of colors!

And…check out the walls that I helped paint at our local Food Co-op !